Thursday, May 1, 2008

Mmmm this might not work

You know, I started doing the recaps in this really cool prose format.. but... looking at them now... The recaps for SupermanTLSOK issues 1 and 2 were nearly a page each, and they are some of the shortest Superman episodes ever... At this pace, the recap for Imperium 9 or Batman 27 would be five pages long. That's a bit silly. Not to mention the fact that I've still got to do 100 plus more of these.... Let's try something else...

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Thomas E. Reed said...

I would point out that, although the synopses are a "page" in Blogger, they are really only about a paragraph per scene. Your writing is really quite efficient. (Take a look at the synopses on if you want to see some wordy work. Not to mention writers who are trying to impress people with their wit, and not always succeeding.)

You are actually doing quite well with the two synopses posted. Just remember that this is one of your jobs for Pinnacle, and not necessarily the most important. You might want to ask some readers to write the synopses, and simply edit them for clarity and appropriateness.