Thursday, May 1, 2008

Mmmm this might not work

You know, I started doing the recaps in this really cool prose format.. but... looking at them now... The recaps for SupermanTLSOK issues 1 and 2 were nearly a page each, and they are some of the shortest Superman episodes ever... At this pace, the recap for Imperium 9 or Batman 27 would be five pages long. That's a bit silly. Not to mention the fact that I've still got to do 100 plus more of these.... Let's try something else...

Superman: The Last Son of Krypton Issue 2 – Ally

Superman: The Last Son of Krypton
Issue 2 – Ally

Later, the same day Metallo broke out from Stryker’s Island, the prison had a break in. Mercy Graves killed a guard, easily crushing his gun with a mysterious display of super strength. She then went to Metallo’s cell and made a deal with the robot. She would break him out if he would listen to a proposition from her employer. He, naturally, agreed.

Meanwhile, Lois and Clark’s date night was interrupted by an overheard news report of Metallo’s second break out of the day. Lois assured Clark that she would be waiting for him when he returned.

Superman arrived at the scene of the break out and was greeted with cold annoyance by the SCU’s leader, Lieutenant Lupe Leocadio. Lupe apologized for her abrupt response, saying she was only frazzled because of having to handle two break outs in a single day. She explained that the video footage only showed the camera panning away from Metallo’s cell before going dead, and that several guards were wounded, and one killed in a precise and professional way. “That’s not Metallo…” Superman pondered, “Metallo might kill if he had to, but he wouldn’t stop to break a neck… Especially ‘professionally’. I personally doubt he even knows what that word means.

“Someone else was here.. someone who broke him out.” Superman went about the area, scanning with x-ray vision for more clues. He didn’t have to look long.

In a hidden facility, Mercy presented Metallo to Luthor. The Billionare had a proposition for Metallo: Luthor had come into possession of Superman’s Kryptonian Battlesuit, which he would be willing to give to Metallo to use as his body in exchange for a favor. Metallo was interested, “Alright, Lexy-baby… I’m all ears.”

Clark called Lois to say he was still out looking for Metallo, with little luck. He told her that he had found one clue: the footprint of Mercy Graves hidden in debris. Before they could discuss what Mercy could possibly want with Metallo, the door to Lois and Clark’s apartment buzzed. Lois answered to reveal a surprise visit from Lana Lang, Clark’s childhood friend.

Superman: The Last Son of Krypton. Issue 1 - Enemy

Superman: The Last Son of Krypton
Issue 1 – Enemy

Our story began with a normal day at the Daily Planet. Suddenly, Perry White interrupted the flirtations of reporters Clark Kent and Lois Lane with news that Metallo had broken out of Stryker’s Island Penitentiary and was rampaging through Hobbs Bay. Clark excused himself, and Perry ordered Lois to take photographer Jimmy Olsen along to help cover the story.

After nearly getting caught sneaking into a broom closet by Ron White, Clark made the change into his Superman uniform and flew to Hobbs Bay. By the time he arrived, Cat Grant with WGBS was already covering the carnage, and the Metropolis Police Department’s Special Crimes Unit was already rescuing onlookers.

Superman confronted Metallo, demanding him surrender and finish things the easy way. Metallo answered by knocking Superman across the pier and into an oil tanker. “Enough,” Superman said, pulling himself from the wreckage, “If I’ve told you once, I’ve told you a thousand times: do NOT endanger innocent people, EVER!” The Man of Steel tore into the Metallic Menace and made short work of pulling off parts of the body Metallo had absorbed to be his own, leaving only his head intact.

Metallo, as it turned out, did not have a plan of attack beyond drawing Superman into a fight, and Superman was able to turn his head over to the SCU to be returned to prison. Olsen and Lane arrived on the scene in time enough to get a statement and a few pictures (and get in a little continued flirting between Lois and Superman). “Jeez, for once I’m with Metal-Head. Why don’t those two just get a room?” Cat muttered to herself before realizing, “Oh, crap, are we on? Ahem… Emergency crews are on the scene, cleaning up after what appears on all accounts to be an act of random violence by the mechanical monster, Metallo.”

From his office, Lex Luthor listened to the news broadcast with disgust. He told his assistant, Mercy Graves, that he was tired of “two-bit meta human freaks” with no style or sense of planning. Instead, Luthor had a plan to use Metallo to finally prove to Metropolis that Superman was a fraud. “This time… I’ll break him…”

Movin' very slowly...

Yesterday I read through Superman 45 one last time to approve some changes Jeffrey was making to jive with events in Supergirl and Muzak.

In Radio format, we have a really unique situation in that if two shows release on the same day, we have the official stance that you listen to Superman first and Supergirl second. In the instance of what I worked on with Supes 45 and SG 17, some characters were appearing in both shows, but the events of the two episodes were exactly linear. It was 10 am at the same time in both shows, and 10 pm at the same time in both shows. But if something great happens to a character at 10 am, then something terrible happens at 10, it makes sense... but if something great happens to a character at 10 am in Supergirl, you're hearing it after you've heard the terrible thing that happened at 10 pm in Superman.

Were this a comic, I could just put a little editors note saying "This takes place before blahdidyblah in Superman 45" but since it's radio, I cant exactly do that. That's why I'm here, to read these things and say "Wait, This will be confusing to listeners, we need to set up something in Superman that says 'there was a conversation between these people that you havent heard yet because it happens in another episode' so that way, when you listen to Supergirl you can go "Ohh so that's what that character was referencing".

It's little things that nerds notice. That's why I'm here. For the nerds.

Then, this morning, I read through Supergirl 18 for Blinkie, which only had one little thing that needed tweeking to jive with the Superman show, but was otherwise good. I am really, REALLY enjoying Dragonblink's scripts. Like, I can't describe it.

Monday, April 28, 2008


I swear, I will post up the summaries for Superman: LSOK Season 1 soon! In the meantime, I've been working on new stuff. Back on the 17th I got Superman 45 from Jeffrey, read through it and it was WONDERFUL. It took me a while to get through because I had to go back and read scripts from seasons 2 and 3. That's right, folks, CONTINUITY! WAHOO! There were no errors, though. Yay!

I got the script for Supergirl 17 from Blinky last night, read it before bed, then read it again this morning. It might have a problem, but I honestly have no idea how to fix it. The script itself is very, very good. Dragonblink brings teh funneh, folks. I've sent out a reply to Dragonblink and Jeffrey, and I'm sure the three of us will work on it more today.

Man... two flipping issues into the new season and already I am working out continuity issues! AWESOME!

Sunday, April 13, 2008

In your satin tights, fighting for your rights

Yesterday Fiona, the lovely director of Wonder Woman emailed me with a continuity question in regards to some things that happen in Vindicatum. Since directors really only get the scripts of the show they are directing, they dont see the whole story. In this case, two characters were talking about a third, and if you'd seen the previous issue you know very well who they are talking about, but if you havent, the third's name is never said, so it could be confusing. Fiona had guessed right as to who was the topic of conversation, so now with my verification, she can go on to write the trailer lines to send to Seth to record.

Also on the topic of Wonder Woman, I got the script for WW32 today. That is the second issue of the 3rd season. Read it through a few times and just sent my commentary off to Susan. It took me a while to do because I actualy had to consult the Book of Destiny on one point. That's right folks. The script references continuity from season 1 and the begining of season 2! Gasp!

And in other news, I've begun writing the summaries for Superman: LSOK Season 1. I had forgotten how fun season 1 was, what with the Bizzaros and Lois in the Kryptonian Battle Suit. Heeee! Hopefuly they will go up soon! Stay tuned!

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Project Muzak!

Issue 3 of Project Muzak has gone off to Jeffrey for review and has been completed. I personally clap and pat myself on the back. What does this mean for Earth P? Project Muzak will debut in the same month as Batman AOD 32, Wonder Woman COT 32, Superman: LSOK 45, and Supergirl: LDOK 17. I BELIEVE that is September.


Now that my official writing duties are out of the way for a month or so, I can start writing recaps for this blog! yay!

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Whistle while you work, since you cant talk without hacking up a lung...

Today I received the script for Batman 32, which is the second episode of season 3. I tried to keep fangirling at a min, as when I read these, I do have to keep an eagle eye open for any little thingy that might be off. I would say that we aren't to the point where we have The Comic Book Guy from the Simpsons critiquing our continuity, but you never know. We get people critiquing 'chunky line reads'. I want to look at them and say 'This is Community Theater'. Eh.

Anyway, the script was very good. Pete has some AMAZING things lined up for season 3. It's awesome. Supergirl, Wonder Woman, and Muzak have things people want to see done right, Superman has things people want to see period, and Batman has things people want to see again. And by people, I mean me.

I don't even know what I am writing anymore! Curse this cold! In this upcoming week I hope to write episode recaps for Superman season 1. Just to let you know how things are going for Supes season 4/Bats season 3/WW season 3/SG season 2/Muzak season 1: first two episodes of Batman are written, first two episodes of Muzak are written, first episodes of Supes, WW, and SG are written. All the first episodes of the seasons air in August, except Muzak, which starts in September. I think. I am rambling. Wheeeee this is what happens when you take NyQuil, then write a post!

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Ok, enough with the fantasy talk

So, last night I finaly got around to reading through WW31 (AKA The season 3 opener) and it's pretty much solid gold amazing. There werent any real changes that needed made on it from my end. Today I got Supes44 from Jeffrey and read through it. It made me clap and giggle like a small child, as it had a couple of things that I've been looking forward to seeing. No, you don't get to know what. I did spot a couple of things that needed tweeked for clarity sake, so I IMed Jeffrey while I was at work to let him know and he got the things all fixed.

Tomorrow I have a bunch of scripts I need to print off and put into the book and several summaries to write.

Many Several. Including all the ones for this blog. Crap. What have I gotten myself into!?

Cause, you see, what I write for my personal notes is in such abbreviated short hand that I dont think it would make sense to anyone but me. For example, the following is my synopsis for Superman LSOK 1:

S&Lo Flirt. Per says Mtl broke out. Ron Troup nearly spot S changing. CatG reports: S&Met fight, S>Met. Lo&Jim report, interview. S&Lo Flirt MOAR. Lx&Merc watch CatG on TV, Lx plots.

Yes, I know that isnt very complicated, but when you get into episodes like the ones for Vindicatum, it gets to be INSANE. I tried to make a version to give to everyone, but the key for all my abreviations had 24 entries. That's just for the abreviations. Bit crazy. But to me, it makes sense, so neener.

Luckly, for you guys, I'll write the recaps in plain english. No LoLcat speak. WOOT

The Forward

Greetings, Pendulum! Verily, you have traveled long and many arduous hours! Come, rest, and I will read to you from my book.

Who am I? Why, I am The Mistress of Continuity, the Keeper of the Book of Destiny. I know and see all that happens on Earth-P.

What is Earth P, you might ask? Why, it is the collection of stories based in the DC Comics Universe produced by the online radio production studio Pendant Productions. The Architects of Earth P bring to you free radio dramas about all your favorite superheroes such as Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Supergirl, and many many more. All things that occur within Earth P are chronicled by me, and in my infinite wisdom and glory, I have decided to share with you a fraction of my knowledge.

But be warned, there will be no spoilers, lest you face the wrath of the Ninja Assassins.

So, please, pull up a comfortable chair, papazan, pillow, or merely hover in place and enjoy this, the Book of Destiny!