Thursday, May 1, 2008

Movin' very slowly...

Yesterday I read through Superman 45 one last time to approve some changes Jeffrey was making to jive with events in Supergirl and Muzak.

In Radio format, we have a really unique situation in that if two shows release on the same day, we have the official stance that you listen to Superman first and Supergirl second. In the instance of what I worked on with Supes 45 and SG 17, some characters were appearing in both shows, but the events of the two episodes were exactly linear. It was 10 am at the same time in both shows, and 10 pm at the same time in both shows. But if something great happens to a character at 10 am, then something terrible happens at 10, it makes sense... but if something great happens to a character at 10 am in Supergirl, you're hearing it after you've heard the terrible thing that happened at 10 pm in Superman.

Were this a comic, I could just put a little editors note saying "This takes place before blahdidyblah in Superman 45" but since it's radio, I cant exactly do that. That's why I'm here, to read these things and say "Wait, This will be confusing to listeners, we need to set up something in Superman that says 'there was a conversation between these people that you havent heard yet because it happens in another episode' so that way, when you listen to Supergirl you can go "Ohh so that's what that character was referencing".

It's little things that nerds notice. That's why I'm here. For the nerds.

Then, this morning, I read through Supergirl 18 for Blinkie, which only had one little thing that needed tweeking to jive with the Superman show, but was otherwise good. I am really, REALLY enjoying Dragonblink's scripts. Like, I can't describe it.

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