Thursday, May 1, 2008

Superman: The Last Son of Krypton Issue 2 – Ally

Superman: The Last Son of Krypton
Issue 2 – Ally

Later, the same day Metallo broke out from Stryker’s Island, the prison had a break in. Mercy Graves killed a guard, easily crushing his gun with a mysterious display of super strength. She then went to Metallo’s cell and made a deal with the robot. She would break him out if he would listen to a proposition from her employer. He, naturally, agreed.

Meanwhile, Lois and Clark’s date night was interrupted by an overheard news report of Metallo’s second break out of the day. Lois assured Clark that she would be waiting for him when he returned.

Superman arrived at the scene of the break out and was greeted with cold annoyance by the SCU’s leader, Lieutenant Lupe Leocadio. Lupe apologized for her abrupt response, saying she was only frazzled because of having to handle two break outs in a single day. She explained that the video footage only showed the camera panning away from Metallo’s cell before going dead, and that several guards were wounded, and one killed in a precise and professional way. “That’s not Metallo…” Superman pondered, “Metallo might kill if he had to, but he wouldn’t stop to break a neck… Especially ‘professionally’. I personally doubt he even knows what that word means.

“Someone else was here.. someone who broke him out.” Superman went about the area, scanning with x-ray vision for more clues. He didn’t have to look long.

In a hidden facility, Mercy presented Metallo to Luthor. The Billionare had a proposition for Metallo: Luthor had come into possession of Superman’s Kryptonian Battlesuit, which he would be willing to give to Metallo to use as his body in exchange for a favor. Metallo was interested, “Alright, Lexy-baby… I’m all ears.”

Clark called Lois to say he was still out looking for Metallo, with little luck. He told her that he had found one clue: the footprint of Mercy Graves hidden in debris. Before they could discuss what Mercy could possibly want with Metallo, the door to Lois and Clark’s apartment buzzed. Lois answered to reveal a surprise visit from Lana Lang, Clark’s childhood friend.

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