Sunday, April 13, 2008

In your satin tights, fighting for your rights

Yesterday Fiona, the lovely director of Wonder Woman emailed me with a continuity question in regards to some things that happen in Vindicatum. Since directors really only get the scripts of the show they are directing, they dont see the whole story. In this case, two characters were talking about a third, and if you'd seen the previous issue you know very well who they are talking about, but if you havent, the third's name is never said, so it could be confusing. Fiona had guessed right as to who was the topic of conversation, so now with my verification, she can go on to write the trailer lines to send to Seth to record.

Also on the topic of Wonder Woman, I got the script for WW32 today. That is the second issue of the 3rd season. Read it through a few times and just sent my commentary off to Susan. It took me a while to do because I actualy had to consult the Book of Destiny on one point. That's right folks. The script references continuity from season 1 and the begining of season 2! Gasp!

And in other news, I've begun writing the summaries for Superman: LSOK Season 1. I had forgotten how fun season 1 was, what with the Bizzaros and Lois in the Kryptonian Battle Suit. Heeee! Hopefuly they will go up soon! Stay tuned!

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F said...

Seriously, it's just a fantastic job you do here, being the fount of all Earth-P knowledge. Brilliant stuff! Much appreciated.

Hmmm... the next step is just to work out some excuses to ask questions about upcoming episodes... ;-P
fiona t.